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A Dalit Boy Killed by Poising in Charge of Having Love Affair with non - Dalit Girl

A boy from Dalit community is killed by poising in charge of having love affair with the girl from non dalit community in Pasera – 5 Saptari district. Shiva Shankar Das, 21 the son of Raj Kumar Das was severely beaten before he was poisoned by a group of people named Jitendra Chaudhari, Devakanta Chaudhari,Shankar Chaudhari, Bankar Chaudhari, Dilip Chaudhari, and Sundar Kumar Chaudhari, said victim family. Shiva Shankar Das had been in love affair with Sita Kumari Chaudhari -20 for several months, as per Raj Kumar Das, father of Shiva Shankar Das and he was poisoned by the relatives of Chaudhari's family when he went to meet her on 30th January. Das returned back to home crawling and became unconscious while narrating the events to the family members at 8:30 in the evening then he was taken to BP Koirala Institute of Health Science for treatment where the doctors announced his death on next day. Victim's family said police gave extra torture for not informing instantly about the accident to the police. Police, reached right after the death body was brought back in the village, threatened Das's father to mark finger print on police report otherwise they would send him jail, said Bhola Das, Shiva's elder brother. Raj Kumar Das said that police scolded him saying his own son committed the suicide taking poison while he was giving the details information about the accident. Police has been denied registering the case said Dinesh Adhikari, local. Area Police Inspector Pradhumn Adhikary said he denied registering the case as it was the plot to trap the innocence people in the case of suicide. He further said the case is mysterious, the police investigation is going on, and no one is arrested so far as the perpetrators have been escaped away.