Media Campaign against COVID 19

  1. Coronavirus is affecting entire world including developed countries. The spread of the virus, however, has affected the lives of the people of the world are affected and everyone is worried about the crisis. We are also experiencing the effect of this pandemic in Nepali society too. And the situation is getting worst day by day. Coronavirus doesn’t recognize rich or poor and so-called high or low casts. Nevertheless, it is affecting daily wage makers, Dalit, and marginalized communities than wealthy people. Due to this virus, Nepali society will certainly have both short and long-term effects in social, economic and development sectors and gap of inequality and discrimination will be even widened further. It is necessary to strengthen the social and economic condition of those marginalized communities and groups without further delay. Consequently, real victim of the pandemic will be benefited from plans and programs introduced by the government and other likeminded stakeholders. Thus, those communities should be well informed by providing all right information’s and message related to COVID-19 and other programs.

The aim media campaign against COVID-19 portal is to educate and inform the right holders focusing on long and short term impact of COVID-19 and make accountable concern authorities for addressing the impact. Moreover it helps to bridge the gap between the government and Dalit and marginalized communities by sharing the problems and need of those communities to concern authorities. It aims to protect and promote equality, justice, and human rights of those people.