S.NName of the Research/ PublicationYear of Research/ Publication
1Dalit’s Rights in Federal Government: A Training Resources Book for Elected Peoples Representatives2017
2Human Rights Based Approach to Journalism: A Training Resource Book for Working Journalists2017
3Gender Equality and Social Inclusion ( GESI) in Nepali Media: A Training Manual2017
4Disaster Reporting: A Training Resource Book for Working Journalists2015
5Social Diversity and Gender Equality in Nepali Media: a Training Manual,2014
6Freedom of Expression and Importance of Safety of Journalists,2014
7Booklet on compiled information of government targeted programmes and social security schemes2013
8Flip charts with illustration on key provisions of Anti-Untouchability Act and Domestic Violence Act2013
9Booklet on NAP (132&1820) and Domestic Violence Act  2066 (2009),2013
10United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1325 and 1820, Domestic Violation Act, 2010: An Information Booklet2013
11Booklet on Anti- Untouchability Act 2011,2013
12Dalit Targeted Policy, Program and Social Security of Government of Nepal: An Information Collection,2013
13Jagaran Best Practices2012
14Jagaran Lekhmala(Collection of features on Dalit issues2012
15SubashDarnal Memorial Anthology2012
16Issues of Dalit Community in Nepali Media2012
15Dalit in Legislative Parliament: Interaction with CA members2009
18Politics of Special Right and Reservation2008
19Reservation, Local Interaction and Conclusions2008
20Situation of Dalit Human Right2008
21Silence Resistance (Maun Pratirodh): An Art Exhibition against Untouchability,2003