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Welcome to the Jagaran Media Center

Introduction: Jagaran Media Center (JMC) is a non-governmental organization established in 2000 by journalists from the Dalit community in Nepal. The Organization advocates eliminating caste-based discrimination, promoting a more equitable, inclusive and accountable democracy, promoting environmental justice and sustainable disaster risk reduction through media mobilization. Jagaran Media Center (JMC) is registered at District Administration Office (DAO), kathmandu on 8/12/2057 ( 21st March, 2001). The Registration Number is 813/057/058 (DAO-Kathmandu) and is affiliated with Social Welfare Council (Affiliation Number 13180). It is also registered with the Inland Revenue Department with PAN number 302016077.  The Center has 25 General Members who constitute the General Assembly. 11 members of this general assembly constitute…